Energy resilience (ER), or the ability to plan, prepare, adapt, resist, and recover from unexpected conditions and business interruptions, has become a common organizational priority, as the symptoms of climate change becomes increasingly evident. ER is not achieved by implementing a standalone technology, but rather through a comprehensive combination of DER’s with the capacity and intelligence to redundantly power up your facility before, during, and after an extreme atmospheric event; smart microgrids.

AEG, with over 12 years of experience building DER infrastructure, specializes in planning, designing, building, and maintaining DER solutions tailored to the specific load demand and energy consumption profiles of your facility.


AEG is a licensed and bonded design/build electrical contractor with over 30 years of construction experience and more than 2,500 projects under its tool belt. AEG has proven experience in almost every type of building, facility, and infrastructure project, from manufacturing and hospitality to heavy industrial and power plants.

Whether modeling and installing the electrical distribution systemin an institutional facility or building a MV substation for a power utility, AEG’s professional team executes with Total Compliance to deliver every project with excellence.


AEG assists asset owners and managers to protecting their investment, minimize operational costs, enhance performance, ensure system reliability, mitigate unplanned downtime, and eliminate safety risks through preventive and predictive maintenance services.

Vital monitoring, administration, and reporting are managed within-house professionals delivering our clients understanding and control of their facilities and assets.


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Every development and construction project takes off with an idea that is nurtured until it turns into the final product. One of the first steps for completing high-quality work is to perform a careful and suitable planning before breaking ground. Conducting a methodic risk assessment plan protects stakeholders from liabilities while maximizes profits, and ensures anon-time, on-budget project delivery. AEG offers top notch expertise in pre-construction, building information modeling (BIM), risk management analysis, design & engineering, financial feasibility, financing structuring, and procurement services.

Plan it.

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Safety, quality, timeliness, budget management, performance... that is AEG’s focus on its execution and crafting of the final product. AEG specializes in delivering superior commercial and industrial (C&I) electrical contracting services –including low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) systems- and EPC of distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic (PV) solar, combined heat & power (CHP), battery energy storage solutions (BESS), electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and energy efficiency retrofits.

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Service it.

A professional scheduled maintenance keeps your asset performing at peak efficiency and ensures the return on your investment. A service program tailored to your specific facility or infrastructure allows you to identify and address minor performance issues before they lead to experience repairs or replacements. AEG Services include inspection, commissioning & start-up, preventive & corrective maintenance, and remote monitoring of PV Solar and industrial electrical systems in general. AEG’s 24/7 online dispatching will ensure a fast response in cases of emergency.